• Age of Empires 2 – The Age of Kings

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    Age of Empires 2 – The Age of Kings

    Cheat Codes:
    Update by: Suchanshu Vats Email:

    To Play With Allies:
    Play Single Player –
    Random Map ,With Difficulty – Easiest, With At Least
    Other Players – 3, With Reveal Map – Normal, Starting Age – Standard,
    Victory – Standard & Tick the Team Together, the All Techs & Don’t tick
    Lock Teams.

    At the starting of the game messages will appear like that –
    X Changed diplomatic stance with you to neutral. (x= Other players)
    Then Open the Diplomacy(ALT-D) Screen,Change other player stance to neutral.
    Thus in next age when you have a market,messages will apper for
    make ally by giving some 100 resources of food,wood,gold or stone.
    paiding so you will be able to make ally with other players.

    Submitted by: kevin

    Dont build walls build watch towers infront of this watch tower wall build a castle.

    Walk on water:
    Create a scenario and make all allies and enemies as desired, but have at least two enemies.
    Make the map have water and build an enemy bridge or go to a campaign with a bridge (for
    example, Attila the Hun). Enable the torpedo code, followed by the number of whatever player
    it is with a bridge. The bridge will disappear. Then, click a unit and walk on the bridge.

    Submitted by: The Joker

    Press/Type qwerty (no space) on the keyboard at the same time and you can edit the colours
    of the buildings and people.

    Submitted by: Woogey

    Type furious the monkey boy gives you an awesome little dude, able to raze everything
    in his way, a lot more efficient than cars.

    Confuse enemys:
    When you start the game the game in a hard level, the enemy might attack pretty quickly
    and destroy your village before you have a chance to build your resources. Just enter
    all the food,wood,stone and gold cheats and advance to the imperial age. Then send a
    couple of your villagers (and units to guard the villagers) to a blank corner of the
    map and build a wall around one of the villagers. If your village gets destroyed just
    destroy the stone wall and get the villager in there to build a new and secret base.
    This will confuse your enemys in to tyhinking you are destroyed.

    Easy win:
    First, make as many allies as possible. Advance through as many ages as you can to
    upgrade all your units. Make sure you can build Towers and Castles. Next, go directly
    next to your ally’s main city and surround it with towers. Build a castle every so often
    on your way from your city to theirs, so they cannot counterattack. Next, build up an
    army of siege weapons (for the buildings) and cavalry (for everyone else), and position
    them inside your ally’s city. Finally, switch them to Enemy, sit back, and watch the
    city crumble.

    Tip when fighting the AI:
    You can take advantage of the AI in AoK by building a wall around your entire base except
    for a small and heavily fortified opening, the AI will only enter through the opening you
    left and will get slaughtered if you have archers. You can go further by making a maze-
    like entrance which will increase the time the enemy spends getting fired upon.

    Your own history:
    You can change what the history section says in the Aok title Screen says by right
    clicking on the Aok icon and click on find target and when the windows opens click on
    history and edit the any notepad file the check out the history section on the Aok title
    screen and it should say what you typed into the notepad file.Unfortunately you cannot
    change the name of the topic for example if you edited the Britons it will still say

    ES Logo in Mission:
    This is just something I found out. In mission one of the William Wallace campaign,
    if you type in the reveal map cheat code (Marco) you will see the ES logo on the west
    side of the map.

    Fortress, Which Can Never Be Taken:
    To make a fort which will never, ever be taken by the enemy, you need to set up a game
    in ‚the black forest’ as the name sugests, you start in…a very large forest, with a
    small village depending on what settings you have chosen(i personably would chose death
    match, as you get lots of resources.) any way, you need to make sure you have a onager,
    or something whcih can destroy lots of trees very quikely. you then start tunneling
    into the trees, making walls and gates along the way. put towers with archers behing
    each gate, and make large areas where you can put castles, barracs, churchs ect and
    town centres. no matter how hard your enemy tries, they can never get through the walls.
    This tactic will take about 1 hour.

    Easy taunts:
    Type in the number that appears next to the taunt to access it easily (for example,
    Long time, no siege and Don’t point that thing at me).

    Ultimate Wall defense:
    Submitted by: Legomaster241

    (The hint ahead requires a large amount of stone and wood so use the above cheats to
    help you is you need to) OK! When you get to the Feudal Age, make sure to build walls all
    around you, even on the water’s edge (in a straight line if possible)! This will make sure
    that the enemy doesn’t land his troops and gives you time to attack him. When the wall is
    still in construction, go ahead and build 2 or 3 gates, spaced apart preferably. Then build
    3 gates directly behind the ones you just built to add more of a defense. Then build 3 towers
    to the left and right of each gate then put 1 Bombard tower at the end of each. repeat this
    until it covers the entire wall, even by the water to take out those pesky little galleons.
    Now basically do the reverse which is to say that instead of towers, they’ll be Bombard’s and
    vice-versa. When that’s done, finish it off with a wall as the inner coating to seal those
    towers in. The purpose of this is that if the enemy is lucky enough not only to break through
    the first wall and the tower but also the B-towers as well, you have some insurance to hold
    them off a little longer. Normally, you would not need to constantly repair the towers unless
    the wall broke allowing the enemy to attack them, but sometimes they may use a trebuchet to
    get at you, and a ram and even a catapult.

    How to have instant resource,construction and spawning:
    Submitted by: Ethan

    To build ultra fast (works with enemy) press (Enter) during gameplay, type in aegis cheat code
    and you can have instant resources and construction.NOTE:This also works with ally/enemy teams
    as well. And it dosen’t work on the demo version.

    Kill the enemy:
    Submitted by: topcat102

    ok when you want to kill your enemy and it stronger than youjust take a few villgers and take
    them near your enemys base and biuld two of each building and load all the units buildings up
    whith each type of unit and then cut the wood down whith you villgers and ambush your enemy and
    so on trick: press enter and type this[aegis] and that cheat makes you units fast.

    Cobra car destructor:
    Submitted by: Guz

    You enter tha chat board by pressing enter, then you type the cheat HOW DO YOU TURN THIS ON
    after that you will have a cobra car in your town center

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