Age of Empires 2 – The Conquerors Expansion

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Cheat Codes:

Press ENTER and type the following code

cheese steak jimmy’s – 1000 food
robin hood – 1000 gold
rock on – 1000 Stone
lumberjack – 1000 Wood
woof woof – Birds Become Super Dogs
how do you turn this on – Cobra Car
natural wonders – Control Animals
black death – Defeat Everyone
wimpywimpywimpy – Destroy Yourself
aegis – Fast Build
furious the monkey boy – Furious the Monkey
Knight templar – Gives you a hundred knights
resign – Instant Loss
i r winner – Instant Win
polo – removes the fog of war
marco – reveals the full map
to smithereens – Saboteur Unit
i love the monkey head – VDML

Most Powerful Defence in the game:

If u like to play defensive with some villagers to repair and castles
u can do i Develop 2 or more castles of Mongol civilization and
garrison elite mangudai inside castles for 20 units each castl After
doing it,you can see the gr8 result Even with other civilisations you
can put archers inside castles to improve ur defence,it also heals ur
units wich are inside castl

How to get food fas:
Submitted b y: Elzabad Adjei

When you are playing campaigns with water bodies;

Build about 2 or more docks in the wate
Create 6 fishing ships for each doc
Select each fishing ship and build a fish trap around the doc
(Don’t send your fishing ships to fetch for fish

Enjoy your game but make sure to rebuild the fish traps when they are exhauste

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