Age of Empires – The Rise of Rome

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Age of Empires – The Rise of Rome

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Kushagra
Update by: surya prakash
Update by: nayan narula
Jensen Clark, Submitted the following Information:

First, select 4 teams and make 1 team as ur ally by choosing team1,1… Then, start the
game. Don’t concentrate on making more villagers, make more defense by making walls and
towers on the boundaries. Then make as much as priests and ballistas as u can. Then, type
icbm and hoyohoyo cheats. Then, make 20 priests,15 ballistas and make them stand in
the boundary. Then, attack all the enemies and they won’t be able to crush ur empire. For
further detals and FAQ’s contact me.

Rest In Peace:
As I was replaying the ascent of Egypt campaign, I decided to redo the trade mission. I
destroyed my dock and placed a new one on the other side of the map (as far away as you
can get from the Libyans) to increase trade value. I then proceeded to destroy my only
ally. Once that was done, I started collecting everything I could from the island. It
was then that I realized (right where the elephants were) that on the ground, there were
three letters written in the dirt, surrounded by grass. Those three letters, in order,
are RIP. A tribute to your dead ally.

Kody do gier

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