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    Age of Mythology

    Cheat Codes:
    Update by: Gaurav Kumar Meena
    Update by: Klaas Spel
    Update by: ankit
    Update by: Nick Ogle
    Update by: sgtKill
    Submitted by: conner54

    Cheat mode:
    During gameplay press ENTER then enter a cheat below.
    Press ENTER again to activate:

    NOTE:CODES ARE CAP SENSITEVE! (keep caps lock on)

    Code Result
    THRILL OF VICTORY – Win Scenario
    IN DARKEST NIGHT – Nighttime Mode
    MOUNT OLYMPUS – Max Favor
    SET ASCENDANT – Show All Animals
    PANDORAS BOX – New God Power
    DIVINE INTERVENTION – Enable Used God Power
    JUNK FOOD NIGHT – Get 100 Food
    TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE – Get 100 Wood
    ATM OF EREBUS – Get 1000 Gold
    LAY OF THE LAND – Show Map
    IN DARKEST NIGHT – Nighttime Mode
    MOUNT OLYMPUS – Max Favor
    SET ASCENDANT – Show All Animals
    CONSIDER THE INTERNET – Slow Down game
    GOATUNHEIM – Turn Enemy to Goats
    FEAR THE FORAGE – Chicken Metero God Power
    I WANT TEH MONKEYS!!!!! – Add Monkeys
    WUV WOO – Flying Purple Hippo
    TINES OF POWER – ForkBoy
    O CANADA – Lazer Bear
    ISIS HEAR MY PLEA – Heroes from the Campaign
    RED TIDE – Changes Water to Red
    CHANNEL SURFING – Units can Walk on Water
    L33T SUPA H4X0R – Fast Build
    MR. MONDAY – Get a handicap
    WRATH OF THE GODS – Get the Meteor god power,Lightning god power,
    Tornado god power and Earthquake god power

    Lazerbear is very fast and can not destroy building all that good but
    can wipe out an army very well.

    Marcanter, Submitted the following Information:

    During gameplay press enter and type these codes

    JUNK FOOD NIGHT – Get 100 Food
    TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE – Get 100 Wood
    ATM OF EREBUS – Get 1000 Gold
    PANDORAS BOX – New God Power

    Submitted by: nanish

    In the sixth campaign where we need to build trojan horse we can win it by lazer bears.
    Bring about 5 lazer bears and attack troy. You should destroy 3 fortresses to win.
    Destroy two on your left leave the last fortress (the one to your right) after u have
    destroyed whole troy then destroy the last one. See troy crumble by typing WRATH OF

    Easy win:
    To win very easily on a 1 vs. 1 supremacy match against a Titan opponent, use Loki. You
    will need to do a rush attack on the CPU in the Archaic Age. To do this, just keep sending
    about five Ulfsarks near the CPU’s Town Center. Then, circulate your units around his Town
    Center by using waypoints, patrol, and the Stand Ground stance close to his usual temple-
    building location, like the gold mine. Each and every time you catch a unit building any
    Temple, immediately try to kill that builder. Stay away from the Town Center’s range as
    soon as you attack him. He will have to destroy the foundation, attack back, or run away.
    This causes him to waste his resources, thus advancing at a later time. Build a few houses
    or your own temple around his Town Center for a nice line of sight view of the temple
    builder, then try to concentrate on gathering resources and researching improvements.
    Remember to cast Spy on a villager as well, and surround his Town Center with your
    Ulfsarks while staying at a far enough distance from arrow attacks. This will allow you
    to gain control of the enemy’s land. If the temple builder attacks you, simply attack back
    from a safe distance, lure him into the darkness, or use some of your other reinforcements
    to team up against him. Watch out for newly created temple builders, and hunt down more
    temple foundations around his town center. You may want to also build some walls around
    his land to confuse the AI (block him off from going any further or near to resources).
    Note: If you allow a Titan player to build the Temple with success, you are almost always
    doomed. An exception is when you have military buildings, units, walls, and watch towers
    surrounding him already in the Classical Age, so it does not matter if he advances. Save
    regularly if you cannot multitask efficiently. Watch the CPU’s temple builder and advance
    to the next age quickly. This concept applies for the Egyptians and Greeks as well.
    The only thing that you will now need is five villagers, your obelisk-casting priests,
    mercenaries, and scouts for some additional line of sight of the builder instead.
    Note: You are not supposed to be able defeat a Titan player on a Supremacy-type random
    map game; only in Campaign or Deathmatch modes.

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