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    Age of Mythology – The Titans

    Cheat Codes:
    Update by: sayali
    Update by: Rabi Shekhar Dash
    Update by: dan
    Update by: Ruppi Anmol
    Update by: Gaurav Kumar Meena
    Update by: Gaurav Dahale
    Update by: mikey

    During gameplay press ENTER then enter a cheat below. Press ENTER again to activate:
    Note: Codes are case sensitive

    Code Result
    ATLANTIS REBORN – You will get army of 4 heroes.
    THRILL OF VICTORY – Win Scenario
    IN DARKEST NIGHT – Nighttime Mode
    MOUNT OLYMPUS – Max Favor
    SET ASCENDANT – Show All Animals
    WRATH OF THE GODS – New God Powers
    PANDORAS BOX – New God Power
    DIVINE INTERVENTION Enable – Used God Power
    JUNK FOOD NIGHT – Get 1000 Food
    TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE – Get 1000 Wood
    ATM OF EREBUS – Get 1000 Gold
    LAY OF THE LAND – Show Map
    L33T SUPA H4X0R – Fast Build
    O CANADA – Laser bear
    WUV WOO – Gives a Flying purple hippo
    MR. MONDAY – AI Handicap
    LETS GO! NOW! – Faster Gameplay
    ENGINEERED GRAIN – Fat Animals
    JUNK FOOD NIGHT – Get 100 Food
    TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE – Get 100 Wood
    ATM OF EREBUS – Get 1000 Gold
    ZENOS PARADOX – New random God and Titan powers
    TITANOMACHY – Instant Titan
    BARKBARKBARKBARKBARK – Spawn super dog
    RESET BUTTON – Use the deconstruction in all buildings and
    units except settlement for all players
    TINFOIL HAT – Random unit ownership
    ISIS HEAR MY PLEA – all of the AOM heros all 9 will appear

    Change direction of buildings:
    While placing a building if you want to change the direction that it is facing
    (like in the campaign), use the following trick. First, bring up the building
    place thing that shows where you can place a building, etc. When you have found
    where you want to place it, hold {Shift} and rotate the mouse wheel up or down
    to rotate the building.

    Many Titans:
    To get two Titans, build a Titan Gate. Before you complete it, enable the
    TITANOMACHY code. Then, complete the Titan Gate. Repeat this as much as
    desired to get any number of Titans.

    Easy win:
    Use the following trick for an easy victory on any random map and some campaign maps.
    Enable the PANDORAS BOX code random god power until you get a Plenty Vault.Then
    enable the DIVINE INTERVENTION code until you have four or five. If you have not
    already done so, enable the L33T SUPA H4X0R code to accelerate building construction
    and unit production. Use some villagers or Ulfarsks to build a military production
    building (i.e. barracks); then select a desired unit for production and choose the
    Repeat button. This will pump your enemy’s base full of your units continuously
    and ensure a complete victory.

    Killing Cerebus:
    On the level where you have to kill Cerebus, in order to protect the Son Of Osiris
    train at least 30 Priests to defend him.

    Avoiding Kronis:
    On the last level when you have all of the four summoning trees, do not attack the
    enemies base or Kronos will come from the Tartauras gate and destroy your empire.
    Kronos cannot be defeated by anyone except Gia.

    Training Rocs:
    On the level where the Promeatheus Titan comes, after you have defended your base
    for the time limit, the Titan will attack you. You must train 3 Rocs and send them
    to Kastor’s base. It is better to train them at the start of the level.

    Boats on land:
    Get the Implode God power. You can get this by being Atlantean and worshipping Atlas;
    or by using the ZENOS PARADOX code. Next, get some boats and bring them as close to
    the shore as possible. Then, cast Implode just barely in range of the boats. This may
    Easier tipe in
    instead of tiping the cheat over and over again, you can highlight the cheat the press
    CTRL-C then enter. press enter again then press CTRL-V and the cheat comes up that you
    highlighted require a few attempts; enable the DIVINE INTERVENTION code until done
    correctly. The orb will suck them in. When the orb explodes, they will fly through the
    air and land on the ground. Note: You cannot move them at all.

    Save space with more resources:
    Once the DIVINE INTERVENTION code is enabled to get multiple Plenty Vaults or Dwarven
    Gold Mines, you can use [Pause Break] to pause game play. Then, all the Plenty Vaults
    or Gold Mines can be put one over the other. Many Plenty Vaults at the same location
    will give an enormous gain of space, and give the same amount of resources. Many Gold
    Mines can be placed like a linked barrier to stop enemies. Many Gaia Forests can be
    put around a Titan once the game is paused to stop him from moving for the entire
    scenario, which gives you the freedom to attack whenever one is completely ready.
    Note: Once the game is resumed, more Plenty Vaults cannot be put at the same location
    again. Also, the Invoked god power is not visible until the game is resumed.

    Powerful human soldiers:
    Use the following trick on any random map and some campaign maps to increase the attack
    power of your hero’s and human soldiers. Enable the PANDORAS BOX until you get Flaming
    Weapons. Then, enable the DIVINE INTERVENTION code about fifty times. If you have not
    already done so, use the Flaming Weapons power on your human soldiers for fifty times
    continuously .This will increase the attack power of any human or hero. For example if
    your hero’s attack power is 15 when you enable Flaming Arrow once his attack power will
    be 22, which is 15 + 7. When you do this fifty times his attack strength will be 15 +
    (50 * 7) – 7. The -7 is due to the fact that when the timer of Flaming Weapons expires
    it reduces it by 7. By using the Flaming Weapons more than 100 times, it is easy to
    defeat any Titan in the game. Note: Make sure that you use all the fifty Flaming Weapons
    power before the first Flaming Weapons power timer expires. If you want to use it further,
    wait until all timers expire and repeat the trick. Myth units are not affected by this

    How to Beat Odins Tower:
    Well to kill odins tower in age of mythology the titans first you but a military! do
    not build cits just make your villagers grater food and gold and make a military as
    fast as possible because in like 2mins the norce will cast a forest fire power and
    then they attack you. So after you kill the attack build a place ( were you train
    destroyers) build at least 7 destroyers and make them heroes. then build some Calvary
    (like 10 or 12) FROM THE BARRACKS ONLY and also train some infantry (like 10 or 12).
    then kill the hill forts deconstruct the hill fort closest to you then kill the other
    hill fort with your hero destroyers but prepare for the norce to attack your destroyers
    so surround them with your other units. next attack there base instantly do not hesitate.
    use your destroyers to kill the towers and the town center and your other units to kill
    the enemy units. after the bace is killed then you need to replace the 3 temples with
    your temples. first you deconstruct the 1st temple ( the one closet to you) and build
    4 temples at your main base and send one temple were you deconstructed the other one.
    now you need to kill the other 2 temples well wait for the deconstruct to cool down
    and wile you wait get the relic that lets you build a Pegasus at your temple then
    expand thro the old dead norce base and near the dead hill forts.\( don’t worry you
    cant get attacked your surrounded by mountains) then do the same that you did to the
    1st temple. now you need that Pegasus to go near the wonder *try to sneak it from
    behind there base* then use vortex to transport your army and now you got that
    deconstruct wonder power so use that and you won!

    Strategy Of Buildings:
    Now, to use the ultimate strategy, you should put walls around your settlement right
    after you are done advancing in the ages (use the cheat for building fast) and make
    it big enough that you will be able to build multiples of the buildings you already
    made in the beginning. That way, you will be able to outlast a siege for a little
    time while you build your army. Put your army off in 4 groups; one in each cardinal
    direction, and then make them bigger and bigger as you get better units.

    Use The Norse:
    The ulfsfarks (of whatever they’re called) are awesome. You can make a huge group
    of them and go crusading and build all of the settlements. This way you can use
    them to defend the newly-built settlements. Then build mini-villages around them
    and attack the enemy! Another thing great about the norse is Hel’s godpower, the
    nidhogg, ofr dragon. Make sure to get Hel! Do all of this right away and you will
    succeed in all of the things that you may encounter in the game.

    Submitted by: cameron martinez

    Almost invincible army-do the pandoras box cheat until you get the nidhog power then
    pause the game and enter the devine intervention cheat about 20 times next unpause
    the game and invoke the nidhog power until you cant anymore then just go and defeat
    your enemys from the air.

    Best way to beat moderate mode:
    I think the best way to beat moderate mode is to use thor. In the archaic age use
    all of your gold to make dwarves. The only militairy units you should make are ulfsarks
    because they are cheap and have good attack. You should choose all the minor gods that
    help upgrade you ulfsarks and infantry.

    Defeating the Norse Titan:
    In the level that you need to defeat the Norse Titan, enable the DIVINE INTERVENTION
    code a few times. This will allow more usages of the God Power Healing Springs. Put
    them near all of your allies bases. Then, take the King Frost Giant as well as about
    ten Fire Giants and ten Giants to attack. If you have extra resources, build up an
    army to take out the enemy base (in red). The King will freeze the Titan and your
    Giants will do the attacking. This is a good way to defeat the Titan instead of waiting
    for the Nidhog.

    Lots of goats:
    This trick is useful when you are low on food. Enable the I WANT TEH MONKEYS!!!1!
    code. Lots of monkeys should appear at your town center. Then, enable the GOATUNHEIM
    code. A god power with a goat on it should appear. Use it on your monkeys to make lots
    of goats. Note. Because this turns all units into goats use this trick at the start
    of the game.

    Defeating the Titans:
    Submitted by: Pulkit Choudhary

    Maybe in level 8th and 9th you have to kill Titans keep typing PANDORAS BOX until you
    get a bolt power . Then type the code DIVINE INTERVENTION ABOUT 9 or 10 times.
    Then target the bolt on them until they . This is an easy way to finish the levels quickly.

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