Age of Pirates 2 – City of Abandoned Ships

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Age of Pirates 2 – City of Abandoned Ships

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Go to folder ..\Program Files\Playlogic\Age of Pirates 2\Program\characters
and find the RPGUtilite.c file. Open it in notepad with administrator rights
(for those running vista).

Search for the extension called void initMainCharacterItem() (with the )
Just below those lines you can edit the starting money by changing = 500 (for an adventurer) to = 99999999

and then the adventurer class will start with this amount of money. If you scroll
up a bit instead you can edit the starting stats of the characters.

It could read something like:

case Merchant:
SetSPECIAL(ch, 4,9,5,8,9,3,4);
just change all those numbers to 10, so it reads:
case Merchant:
SetSPECIAL(ch, 10,10,10,10,10,10,10);

Now the merchant class will start with 10 (max) in all stats.

About 30 CHEATS:
Submitted by: Sayem

Changing the _mod_on_off file in …\Age of Pirates 2\program\ you can turn on the
developer mode (read that file, you change a setting from Off to On) allows you
to press [F11] in the game, where you can add skills, $, etc.

=>But you MUST exit the menu by pressing the X in the corner, NOT the [ok]
button — or else you get teleported off to la la land. [also, after using [F11],
go to the main menu, Options, and click the setting to restore the keyboard

Question Quests:
Sometimes in towns, the player might meet non-player characters (NPCs) that
ask ship-related questions in return for items. The answers to these questions
however are not available anywhere in-game.

Fortunately, they are located in the game folder:
/Age of Pirates 2/Program/Text/characters/LSC_Q2Utilite.h
It should be identified as a text file.

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