Age of Wonders 2 – Shadow Magic

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Age of Wonders 2 – Shadow Magic

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Press {Ctrl} + {Shift} + S when you hear a sound, enter
the desired cheat:

Code Result
gold – Max gold.
mana – Max mana.
explore – Toggle Explore the whole map.
fog – Disable fog.
research – Research all spells.
win – Win scenario.
freemove – Toggle Free movement.
towns – View all towns in the current map.
lose – Lose scenario.
spells – Toggle Free spells.
instantprod – Toggle Instant Production.
instantres – Toggle Instant Research.
ai – Toggle AI on your own player.
upgradehero – Upgrade hero.
emergehero – Summon Hero Spell.
cityspy – Toggle spying of enemy cities.

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