• Airfix Dogfighter

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    Airfix Dogfighter

    Cheat Codes:
    Submitted by: Poxnora2

    Type these codes during gameplay to activate Cheat function:

    -=In the game=-
    Code Effect
    hybris – invincible
    hefaistos – all Weapons
    athena – highest tech level
    admiral – get medals
    autopilot – autopilot on/off
    racerwagen – drive a car
    slomo – everything gets slower
    birgeroco – everything gets faster
    hades (x3) – loose mission

    -=In mission selection screen=-
    Code Effect
    prometheus – Acces to all missions

    Code Effect
    hacker – show console
    gogates – crash the game

    Submitted by: O Wiberg

    Before you choose your airplane type icarus. If you did it right
    you will hear man laughing. Now you have access to all planes but one.

    Submitted by: eden E.S. sharvit hackli

    When you are near atank hide inside avase after afew seconds he will
    leave you alone.

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