• Airline Tycoon

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    Airline Tycoon

    Cheat Codes:
    Enter one of the following codes during game play.

    Result Code
    Level select – atmissall
    People leave airport – panic
    More people Fly Airline – crowd
    Money – donaldtrump
    Airport expands – expander
    All helpers active – mentat
    Eliminate debts – nodebts
    All flights visible – showall
    Notebook – thinkpad
    Level skip – winning
    Airfield Crowded – missioncrowd
    Faster walking People – runningman
    Better Reputation – famous
    $1 billion – megarichman
    Airport expands – expander
    See passenger thoughts – bubblegum

    Unlimited Money:
    Submitted by: Jamie

    Type richman all one word and you will have Unlimited Money.

    Visit Rick’s Cafe on the main floor for pointers. Rick will offer
    advice on where to pick up a cell phone and the best place to pick
    up new orders.

    The Duty-Free Shop is your best friend. There are many items for
    sale that could allow you to work from anywhere in the airport,
    saving you the trip back and forth to the office. Check it out.

    In the second level, buy the violin case. Then go to the airibair
    place and click on the violin logo at the bottom. He will thank
    you and ask you to press the fire hydrent beside the building.
    Inside is a secret gun shop.

    Unlimited sabotage to ur competitors:
    Here it come the sneaky trick to sabotage ur competitors, just
    get a spider from the Travelagent(T). As long as u keep it, u can
    sabotage ur competitors by going to the PetrolairBackroom. But
    remember only one sabotage per day.
    Too many sabotage will leads u to pay a fine.

    Have a ANTIVIRUS disk:
    First you go to the Airtravel. pick the walking spider before the
    snake eat it. And then, go to Back of the petrolair. give him the
    spider. after you give it, you pick a dart from the deer’s head. Go
    to the advertising Agency. give him the dart. and you can have his
    antivirus disk (on the table next to him).

    Paper clips:
    Go to the Route Management notice board to the right of Mr. Uhrig
    office, the Airport Director, and steal four paper clips. Then, go
    to the Cargo Department, located in the left corner of the Airport.
    Give the operator the paper clips. He will accept them and say that
    he would rather use the paper clips than the liquid glue. Take the
    liquid glue, which is located in front of a small box next to the
    operator crane. Go to any part of the first floor in Airport and
    drop the glue on the floor by clicking on it (at the bottom of the
    screen). When any of your opponents step there, they will get stuck
    temporarily. This is useful when done early in the morning immediately
    after the reunion with Mr. Uhrig. It will prevent your opponents from
    getting to the AirTravel agency before you.

    More sabotages:
    In a network game, there are possibilities for sabotages that are not
    available in a single game. To activate these, you should find and
    collect as many items as possible.

    Finding the sabotage shop:
    Buy a violin case from the Duty Free Shop and give it to the Arab at
    PetrolAir. He will tell you about the entrance to the secret room
    beside his shop.

    Easy way to get CPU stocks and buy them out:
    Go to the bank, sell all your stock from your airline, leave, re-enter
    the bank, and buy all your stock back. Leave again and wait a short while.
    Other competitors will come to the bank and some will sell some of their
    stocks. Buy their stock, which will help you buy them out.
    Note: If no one sells any stocks, just repeat.

    Energy drink:
    After getting the gloves, use them late in the day to buy the energy drink.
    The next day after the meeting, drink it yourself. You will run twice as
    fast. This will help you get to the order desks faster.
    Go to the kerosene counter next to the free duty shop. Then, take a glove
    at the counter. Now go to the drink machine next to the cargo or in front
    of the museum. Use the glove with a drink machine to get a can of energy
    drink. Drink it and you can go to the entire airport with superb stamina
    and high speed walking. Just drink it and you will find it later.

    Stink bombs:
    After trading the gloves for the stink bombs at the Newsstand, check out the
    boards from time to time to see what flights are arriving or departing. If you
    see a competitor that you really hate has a flight today, make a note of the
    time. Go to the gate at least 30 minutes before the arrival/departure. When
    you arrive, enter the boarding area and go to the door as if you were getting
    on the airplane. Immediately as passengers are going through the door, drop
    your stink bombs. It will make the whole flight sick to their stomachs and
    decrease the competitor’s reputation. You can repeat this as many times as

    Talk to the Plane Broker. Sometimes if you wait long enough, the storage area
    at the top left will open. Take the bra. Go to the Duty Free Shop and give the
    bra to the girl behind the counter. She will thank you, and now you can take
    the horseshoe located at the top left corner of the screen. Go to Rick’s Caf

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