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    Fly in the Town:
    First you must whisper to someone a countdown until you take off (it’s
    very important do take off at the same time). If your gears are close
    enough to each other for a trade, do it. Keep it until you warped.
    Because you can’t warp while you trade you will remain in the map. Be
    careful though if you land you can’t take off again and if you use the
    warp from the first map -> city you will land and go in the city.
    Be careful that you might be banned if you fly in the town.

    Land on the ground with any gear:
    As you know the A-Gear is able to land anywhere on ground or water but
    you can’t with other gears. There is a little bug in Edmont Valley that
    makes you fall from the supply shop. This is how you do it: go in Edmont
    Valley, land on the exact edge of the supply shop (opposite from the warp
    gate to the desert), then move a little in your front and then turn around.
    You will fall on the ground. You can even supply from the ground if you
    left your supply window opened but you can’t go while on the ground in
    the exterior of the shop.

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