• Airstrike 3D – Operation W.A.T.

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    Airstrike 3D – Operation W.A.T.

    Cheat Codes:
    Update by: Evan
    Update by: Jerin Var
    Submitted by: e|XPL|orer

    This cheats have to type while ur playing or when u pause the
    game by pressing ESC.

    Code Result
    iwannabe – God Mode
    endisnear – 9 Lives
    armorychamer – All Weapons
    launchmenow – All Missiles
    iamstronger – All Power-Ups
    steelbirds – Enable All Helicopters (not currently available)
    blindwarrior – Enable All Levels (not available)
    messwiththebest – Mission Complete!
    dieliketherest – Game Over
    givemecredit – Show Credits

    Note: After using cheat-codes your rank will be cheater and you will
    not be able to post your scores online.
    Note: If any of these cheats does not work email me.

    Fix a cheat!:
    Submitted by: DJ Sonec (( The Hacker ))

    All weapons :
    F : armorychamer
    T : armorychamber

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