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    Submitted by: rickHH

    First kill that bomb-launching stove, then the knife lancer, that monster
    that can shield himself with a barrier, the other who can teleport, and
    finally the guy with the shield, to open the door. And learn grammar.

    BTW: If you finish the game in less than an hour, regardless of the
    percentage of mana stones and books collected, you get the S rank.
    A door near the start opens, you get the Fire++, so you can avoid some
    parts of the game, and destroy many bosses rapidly (the chameleon goes
    down with two big fireballs). By leaving behind some mana stones, you
    can finish the game in less than 30 minutes, getting the SS rank.
    Another secret door opens and you get the Bat power from the start.
    This way, if you are good at using it, you can even avoid getting the

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