Alawar Xeno Assault 2

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Cheat Codes:

Super Beam:
Use the Super Beam only when needed to keep it charge Use the Super Beam
to take out large groups of enemies at onc

Star Beam 2000:
The Star Beam 2000 is only available in the full version of the gam It passes
through all enemies in a straight line, damaging them equall Try to hit groups
that extend far upwards and shoot it in short burst

Photon Wave Laser:
The Photon Wave Laser is only available in the full version of the gam It travels
through enemies and does very high damag However it has a very limited number of
shot Use it carefull

Avoiding damage:
Keep moving to lessen the concentration of enemy shots at one location, making them
easier to dodg

After getting the Invulnerability power-up, ram your enemies to destroy them quickl

Defeating the final Boss:
This Boss is only available in the full version of the gam The Boss is very large,
has a large amount of firepower and can withstand a large number of hits from your
best weapon Save up the maximum amount of one of the better special weapons, such
as the Star Beam 200 Immediately destroy the turrets immediately, and try to ignore
the main part Once the turrets are destroyed the rest of the battle become much easie

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