• Alien Shooter

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    Alien Shooter

    Cheat Codes:
    Submitted by: e.r. van berkum

    in game:
    cheate – complete level
    cheath – give 1000hp
    cheatw – give all weapons
    cheata – + 1000 ammo
    cheatf – Night vision and flashlight mode

    in shop:
    cheatm – + 50000 money

    During the first few levels, anytime you see a crack in the wall,
    shoot it. The wall will break open and you will find money, extra
    lives, etc. hidden inside.

    Hex Cheat:
    Submitted by: y k bappy

    open the table file in game directory (find it yourself).
    edit money, gun prices etc.. the game is yours. It is funny!

    Open Direct Any Level By Bhanu:
    Submitted by: Bhanu Jonwal

    This hint is very useful for open any stage/level direct
    in play game pressF2/f11 then choose your level And play
    Enjoy Yourself!!!!!!

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