• Aliens – A Comic Book Adventure

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    Aliens – A Comic Book Adventure

    Landing the Ship:
    To land the SHERIDAN the quickest way before the asteroids hit
    your ship, go down the stairs to the M.O.M. console and look at
    the VIDEO CD. Next to the VIDEO CD on the left are two buttons
    saying ON and OFF. Press the ON button, go back up the stairs
    and head right. Open the door marked EXIT using the keypad and
    then turn right again. Open the last barrack door to the right
    and search the desk and cabinet for a PASS and RAW CD. Leave
    the room and go back to the M.O.M. console. Using the PASS on
    M.O.M.’s screen, select the topic SHIP STATUS, then the topic
    SENSORS and then M.O.M. will ask you to use the RAW CD in the
    VIDEO CD. Do it and then leave the M.O.M. console and go to the
    cockpit area. Talk with WILLIAMS and he will land the SHERIDAN

    Green Pass Key:
    Talk to Lora, ask her the last question on the list, then ask
    her the first question on the list, she will then give you the
    green pass key.

    Lace four food trays in each characters inventory. click on a
    food then hold the right mouse button on the food and drag it
    to the face of the character that you have highlighted and drop
    it on there face. Do this for all the characters about three to
    four times each.

    Laser Gun:
    Go thu the door which you needed the green pass key. you will see
    a control stand on the right side of the screen (this controls
    the crane to pick up the laser gun and take it to the other room).
    Now you are ready to leave the ship.

    There is a computer connection in the docking bay for the reversi.
    The thing is, is that the computer connection is not working right
    so when you play reversi you do not have to win to get the
    information you want. All you need to do is start the game then
    end it or restart it and you will get the information.

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