• Aliens Vs. Predator 2 – Primal Hunt

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    Aliens Vs. Predator 2 – Primal Hunt

    Cheat Codes:
    Update by: Amey Mulay
    Update by: Helshad
    Submitted by: conner54

    While in game press Enter and type <cheat> (include the space
    after <cheat>), followed with the one of the codes from below and
    then press Enter to enable the code.

    Code Result
    mpcanthurtme – God mode on/off
    mpschuckit – Add weapons and ammo
    mpsmithy – Full armor
    mpkohler – Full ammo
    mpstockpile – Full ammo
    mpbeamme – Beam player to level start with initial conditions
    mpsixthsense – No clip on/off
    mpicu – 3rd person mode on/off
    mptachometer – Show speed info on/off
    mpsizeme – Show size info on/off
    mpgrs – Show rotation info on/off
    mpgps – Show position info on/off
    mpfov – Edit (with keys) FOV value
    mpvertextint – Edit (with keys) vertext tint
    mplightadd – Edit (with keys) light amplification
    mplightscale – Edit (with keys) light scale
    mpbreach Edit – (with keys) weapon breach
    mpwmpos Edit – (with keys) weapon offset 1
    mpwpos Edit – (with keys) weapon offset 2
    mpxfiles – Level select for all three species
    mpdoctordoctor [number] – Set health to indicated number
    mpmorph [character type] – Change into indicated character type
    mpmillertime – Marines have slurred voice
    mpdeathtoall – Kill everything except your character
    mpreloadbutes – Reload an attribute file
    mptriggers – Toggle trigger boxes
    mpmph – Displays framerate
    mpconfig – Load new cfg file

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