Alone in the Dark 2

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Alone in the Dark 2

How to get 32,000 body points:
Right from where you start in the house, collect the poison
in the kitchen by the dumb waiter, and from the work surface
in the kitchen. Make the poisoned wine and drink it, then hold
the Enter button until it is back onto the inventory and actions

Your body points display will be at least minus 1000 Repeat this
process until the minus disappears and you’ll be left with approximately
32,000 body points. To enhance this, and to stop yourself from getting
drunk at the end of the process, collect the frying pan
beforehand and when you have 32000 body points, use it!

To bump up your life points to a healthy 200, edit your
savegame file (called SAV?.ITD) were ? is the save game
number: at sector 0047, byte 0056, change the value to FF.

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