Alone In The Dark – The New Nightmare

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Alone In The Dark – The New Nightmare

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Start the game with the wizardmaster command line parameter to unlock
a cheat option in the inventory screen.

Missing one armed man:
In the beginning. go to the left. After awhile, you will see a building.
Enter it, and a man with one arm missing will be sitting inside. Talk to
him and get the key from him. Go back out and keep going. After you start
walking a short distance, you will hear gunshots. Turn around and go back
in the building. The man will be missing.

Unlimited saves:
When leaving the manor’s lobby as Carnby, a FMV sequence will play when
you meet Edenshaw. In the sequence, he will give you a charm of saving.
Immediately save the game when the FMV sequence completes. Keep saving
the game repeatedly to get four save uses each time.

Skip events:
Repeatedly press Action to skip past events during game play.

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