• Alpha Force

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    Alpha Force

    Submitted by: David K

    Always keep firing:
    Hold down the {Ctrl} key at all times.

    Keep moving at all times:
    The enemy shots are normally aimed at where your ship is so if you move
    around you scatter the shots around and can more easily avoid them.

    Pickup every powerup:
    The powerup increase is shared for all weapons. Thus pickup every powerup
    available even if it’s not the weapon / color you like. Then just wait for
    your favorite powerup to switch back to the weapon you like. The key to
    beating this game is getting powered up as fast as possible. We got powered
    up to level 7, that with missiles / green powerup was unbeatable.

    Use super bombs sparingly:
    Only use them when about to be hit to avoid damage plus great to take out
    bosses quick.

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