Amazons and Aliens

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Amazons and Aliens

From the game screen, type any of the following cheats:

Code Result
WINNER – instant victory
MAGICEYE – removes fog to display map
LOLLY – increases lollypops
MAGGOTS JUICE – increases mushroom juice
CHOCO – increases chocolate cakes
WARTIME – increases arms
IAMHUNGRY – gives you food
IRONMAN – gives you iron
STONEMASON – gives you stone
LUMBERJACK – gives you wood
RAIN – grows crops
CASHCOW – gives gold in $5,000 increments

NOTE: The CASHCOW cheat does not max out, but the others
will max out to storage. Be careful with RAIN as you can
put your crop if converting food into negative numbers.

Kody do gier

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