Americas Army

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America’s Army

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Note: This editing step is only required in early versions of the game. Versions
2.3 and later should already have cheat mode ready to be used in single player
mode. Also note that editing the file will not allow you to use cheats on player
operated servers; only the operators can activate them, at which point they will
be activated for all players who join that server. No file editing is necessary.
For all other versions, this procedure involves editing a game file; create a
backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the
armyops.ini file in the system folder in the game directory. Add the following
line under the [Engine.GameEngine] heading to enable cheat mode.

bMPCheats=Enabled 2

Then, press ~ or {Tab} during game play to display the console window. Enter one
of the following codes to activate the cheat function. Note: Some codes such as
summon and avatar have been disabled in later versions of the game.

Result Code
Invincibility – mpcheat god
Toggle third person view – behindview [0 or 1]
Toggle unlimited ammunition – mpcheat paramsammo [0 or 1]
No clipping mode – mpcheat ghost
Disable no clipping mode – mpcheat walk
Medic capabilities – mpcheat medic
Spawn various binoculars – mpcheat binoc [1-5]
Spawn night vision goggles – mpcheat nvg
Spawn indicated weapon2 – mpcheat changeclass [weapon name]
Supress mpcheat changeclass message2 – mpcheat silentclass
Start game alone1 – start or open [level name]
Spawn indicated item or NPC3 – summon [item or character name]
Set game speed – mpcheat slomo [-1 to 9]
Control spawned NPC3 – avatar [character name]
Make some spawned NPCs walk – walk
Remove all characters – killpawns
Record multi-player mode demo – demorec [filename]
Stop recording demo – stopdemo

1. Requires the v1.9 patch.
2. Your newly chosen class will be announced to all players on the server unless
the mpcheat silentclass code is used.
3. Only available in certain older versions of the game.

Weapon names:
Use one of the following entries with the mpcheat changeclass code.

ak (AK47)
ak74su (AK74SU)
ar (SAW)
at4 (American rocket launcher)
b (M870 shotgun)
d (SOPMOD M4A1). This is exactly the same as class sf with one exception, class
D comes with three mines, which you can get by entering the bind 6 grenademine
console command and pressing 6 (or any bound key of your choice).
g (M16A2 with grenade launcher)
gp (AK47 with grenade launcher)
m4a1 (M4A1)
m4m (same as sf but with different grenades)
m9 (M9 pistol)
mos (Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle)
pso (AK74SU with a scope)
r (M16A2)
rct (no weapons or grenades)
rpg (Rocket propelled grenade)
rpk (OpFor machine gun)
s (M82 sniper)
s24 (M24 sniper)
s82 (M82 sniper)
sf (M-4 silenced)
spr (Special Purpose Rifle)
svd (Dragonov sniper rifle)
v (VSS Vintorez)

Sniper View On All Weapons:
NOTE: You must be in a server that is running cheats to do this trick.
Type mpcheat changeclass at the console window then go into scopemode with the
sniper rifle. While using the scope’s view type mpcheat changeclass. You will
change to the gun you selected and still be in scope view.

Unlimited Ammo:
Here is another cheat for unlimited ammo: mpcheat paramsammo 1.

If you want to be completely invulnerable to enemy attacks, try the following. Press
the tilde (~) key to bring up the cheats console, and insert

Kody do gier

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