Ammo Chase

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Ammo Chase

Submitted by: David K

Keep Your Eye on the Prize:
It’s easy to get caught up in shooting roadside bombs, but don’t forget
your goal is to catch up to the enemy car. Every second you’re not
shooting at the blue car is a second wasted!

End Game:
Your strategy should change when you get very close to the enemy car.
Start trailing your mouse right behind the enemy to blow up the roadside
bombs, then zig out and score some hits to slow it down even more.

Enemy car:
You do not have to shoot all the roadside bombs. Your primary objective
is to catch up to the enemy car. Use every spare moment to shoot the
blue car. When you get very close to the enemy car, trail your pointer
directly behind the enemy to explode the roadside bombs. Then, zigzag
out and get some hits to slow it down even more.

Kody do gier

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