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    Submitted by: rickHH

    say allows you to speak to the vicinity tell character name allows
    you to whisper to someone shout allows you to be heard by all players
    nearby me action can be used to express actions, like me laughs
    out loud

    Easy targeting:
    Self – F1
    Cycle nearest enemy targets – Tab
    Cycle nearest friendly targets – Ctrl+Tab
    Teammates – F2-F6

    Once you’ve targeted yourself or someone else, you can press
    T for more information.

    Easy follow:
    Once you’ve selected an enemy or player that you’d like to
    approach, type:


    You might also find it useful to create a macro icon for this command,
    as follows, and place it in your shortcut bar.

    macro fo /follow

    If you experience a bug that doesn’t allow you to proceed or escape
    from a zone, then you can kill your character by typing the following:


    GM petition
    If you require GM assistance, you can petition for help as follows:

    petition X
    A standard petition command might look like the following:

    petition Help me, I’m stuck in Omni-1, and my character’s left arm has
    disappeared! I don’t know where I dropped it, or that I could drop it.

    Show frame rate – Ctrl+Alt+F
    Submit bug report – Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F9

    Take screenshots
    To take a screenshot, press F12. They’re saved to the Screenshots folder
    located in the Funcom/Anarchy Online directory.

    Create macros
    To create a macro for a commonly used command like /pet attack,
    type the following:

    macro pa /pet attack
    This will create a small, selectable icon that can be put into
    your shortcut bar for easy use of the pet attack command.

    Completing live-with missions
    To complete this type of mission, once you’ve found the objective
    NPC, simply target him or her, and stay within the vicinity for a
    short period of time.
    Registering the mission as complete can take as little as 10
    seconds, and has on some occasions taken us up to 4 minutes.

    Creating implants
    Select the nanocluster you want to insert into the implant by
    left clicking it, then hold it over the implant and shift-right
    click to combine the two.
    You can then go to a surgery clinic to install the implant, if
    you meet the requirements.
    Nano-programming skill is required for creating implants.

    Team looting
    As team leader, you can select how loot is divvied up by the team. The most
    common choice is alpha, where the spoils can be picked up by characters in
    alphanumeric order. To enable this, type:

    team loot alpha

    Other choices include /team loot leader and /team loot FFA

    New player advice
    New players can take advantage of the newbie chat channel,
    where GMs and players of up to level 6 can chat about game
    mechanics and starting strategies.
    To un-squelch the newbie chat channel, click on the friends
    icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and uncheck
    the box next to the channel listing. You can also reach the
    shopping channel this way.

    Killing untargetable NPCs:
    The game may glitch in some live-with missions, where the objective NPC
    will become stuck behind a wall, and thus cannot be targeted. He may
    appear briefly, but you will not be able to maintain a lock on him.
    Walk towards the wall and enter the /kneel action to see through the wall.
    You can then click and target the NPC to complete your mission objective.

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