Antium Bastard Sword

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antium Bastard Sword
Rare Adamantium Crossbow
Rare Adamantium Dagger
Rare Adamantium Halberd
Rare Adamantium Long Sword
Rare Adamantium Mace
Rare Adamantium Morning Star
Rare Adamantium Pike
Rare Adamantium Short Sword
Rare Adamantium Two Handed Axe
Rare Adamantium Two Handed Sword
Rare Adamantium War Hammer
Rare Magic Wood Long Bow
Rare Magic Wood Shaman Staff
Rare Magic Wood Short Bow
Rare Mithrill Axe
Rare Mithrill Bastard Sword
Rare Mithrill Crossbow
Rare Mithrill Dagger
Rare Mithrill Halberd
Rare Mithrill Long Sword
Rare Mithrill Mace
Rare Mithrill Morning Star
Rare Mithrill Pike
Rare Mithrill Short Sword
Rare Mithrill Two Handed Axe
Rare Mithrill Two Handed Sword
Rare Mithrill War Hammer
Rare Silver Dagger
Uncommon Bronze Axe
Uncommon Bronze Dagger
Uncommon Bronze Long Sword
Uncommon Bronze Mace
Uncommon Bronze Morning Star
Uncommon Bronze Pick Hammer
Uncommon Bronze Pike
Uncommon Bronze Short Sword
Uncommon Bronze Spiked Club
Uncommon Bronze Two Handed Axe
Uncommon Bronze Two Handed Sword
Uncommon Bronze War Hammer
Uncommon Magic Wood Club
Uncommon Magic Wood Long Bow
Uncommon Magic Wood Shaman Staff
Uncommon Magic Wood Short Bow
Uncommon Magic Wood Staff
Uncommon Steel Axe
Uncommon Steel Bastard Sword
Uncommon Steel Crossbow
Uncommon Steel Dagger
Uncommon Steel Halberd
Uncommon Steel Long Sword
Uncommon Steel Mace
Uncommon Steel Morning Star
Uncommon Steel Pick Hammer
Uncommon Steel Pike
Uncommon Steel Short Sword
Uncommon Steel Spiked Club
Uncommon Steel Two Handed Axe
Uncommon Steel Two Handed Sword
Uncommon Steel War Hammer
Uncommon Wood Club
Uncommon Wood Long Bow
Uncommon Wood Shaman Staff
Uncommon Wood Short Bow
Uncommon Wood Staff
Very Rare Adamantium Axe
Very Rare Adamantium Crossbow
Very Rare Adamantium Dagger
Very Rare Adamantium Halberd
Very Rare Adamantium Long Sword
Very Rare Adamantium Pike
Very Rare Adamantium Short Sword
Very Rare Adamantium Two Handed Axe
Very Rare Adamantium Two Handed Sword
Very Rare Crystal Axe
Very Rare Crystal Long Sword
Very Rare Crystal Mace
Very Rare Crystal Morning Star
Very Rare Crystal Pike
Very Rare Crystal Two Handed Axe
Very Rare Crystal Two Handed Sword
Very Rare Crystal War Hammer
Very Rare Gold Dagger
Very Rare Magic Wood Shaman Staff
Very Rare Magic Wood Staff
Very Rare Meteoric Axe
Very Rare Meteoric Crossbow
Very Rare Meteoric Dagger
Very Rare Meteoric Halberd
Very Rare Meteoric Long Sword
Very Rare Meteoric Mace
Very Rare Meteoric Morning Star
Very Rare Meteoric Pike
Very Rare Meteoric Short Sword
Very Rare Meteoric Two Handed Axe
Very Rare Meteoric Two Handed Sword
Very Rare Meteoric War Hammer

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