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Cheat Codes:
On the level/player selection screen, move the mouse to the crystal
at the top of the Apocalypse logo. Imagine the mouse buttons are
numbered like this:

'MENU’ 2

Holding down various combinations of buttons activates a different
numbered cheat mode, according to the sum of the held down buttons.
The cheat mode levels run from 1 to 7, although 5 to 7 are the same.
As the cheat levelgets higher so the better the cheats become. On all
cheat levels you can select any planet to start at. At cheat levels 3
and higher the shield charge increases, at levels 3 and higher you
have rapid fire, and the gun temperature coole ricky to select any
particular level, so a way to get cheat level 5 (the best) is to
press [Z] to continue instead of [SPACE] when you insert the levels

Level skip
During the game, hold down {Shift} and type in 'ELIZA’ to go to the
next level.

Kody do gier

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