Apprentice – Los Angeles

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Apprentice – Los Angeles

Submitted by: RM

Tips and Tricks:
Just keep restocking on the surf shop or else you will probably lose and
if Donald Trump says that you are average – don’t worry! The other team
is always rubbish!

To save time:
In the sushi bar – Refill the tea cups and prepare the balloons every time,
so you just have to use it,if you need. And don’t forget to collect the
money – the seat will just be free after doing it.
Else no new customers – not enough money!

In the boutique – Prepare the coffee maker as in the sushi bar. If new
customers come in,check up what they want first.If they only want coffee
or magazine serve them first,because it takes a while until they have
drunk or read. And always serve other ones during your helpers will search
for the right dress,don’t waste your time while waiting for it.

Surf Shop:
In the surf shop – Let your helper always search a surf board, don’t wait
until needed. If you go down for skateboard or rollerblades, you can give
the second assistent a ball to blow up, so you can handle two customers at
one time. And refill your items already when they come up in the right
corner. If you wait until something is sold out, you will waste muuuch time
for restocking.

Kody do gier

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