Arcade Pinball

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Arcade Pinball

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Judge Dredd Pinball: Cheat mode:
Run Judge Dredd Pinball then press
[Up] [Down] [Left] [Down] [Up] [Right] at the language
selection screen. A sound will confirm code entry.

Soccer ’98 Pinball: Cheat mode:
Run Soccer 98 Pinball, then press
[Left] C [Down] C [Up] C [Down] [Up] [Left] C [Right] C [Left]
at the language selection screen. A sound will confirm code entry.
During game play, quickly press [Left] [Right] [Up] [Down] [Left]
until the Launch Ball appears. Press A + [Up] to display the passwords
dialog box; then enter one of the following passwords to activate
the cheat function.

Select any game, then press G on your keyboard. Wait until the logo
disappears, press G again, press N (on the options screen during game play),
then select any team costumes (or start a new game).
Then, press A + [Up] to display the passwords dialog box screen.

Effect Password
Extra ball – ARSENAL
Quick multiball – BRAZIL
Super Spinners – ENGLAND
Power Flippers – SOUTHPORT
Super Spiral – CAMELOT
Rollercoaster Tycoon demo – TRACKS
Debug mode – IMGOINGNOW
Rollercoaster Pinball – COASTERS
Rollcage Stage 2 demo – PARTNERS
Expert mode – TIMETOLOSE
Easy mode – TIMETOWIN
Hard mode – DIFFICULT
Show memory information – DOG

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