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    Secret – Skullsword:
    Submitted by: David K

    In the beggining go to where there is a wall of three rocks move to the
    middle one and try till you do move it beat the 3 skeletons and pull out
    the Skullsword.

    Easy Money and Experience:
    Go to twilly then choose quest then at the boss it will give you a lot
    of exp and gold I hope this helps!

    How to get good money, weps and spells:
    Goto (walic for spls. yulgar for weaps. and twilly for armor) then click on
    quest press yes. If you dont have a lot of hit points go round the corner if
    you see enemy. Then use the special attack where you attack twice. (or use
    spell fire ball or light) get the chest if you all ready ave the element do
    NOT take it. (Unless its more powerful than the won u got) if u got lots of
    hit points attack all enemys in sight and ull get good money too!

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