• Arctic Stud Poker

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    Arctic Stud Poker

    Cheat Codes:
    Submitted by: jothish babu kerala eranakulam

    I’am so lucky:
    The following Secret Incantations may be chanted during gameplay:
    Hit T to talk, then Type the Incantation as shown above, then hit
    Enter. NOTE that Only the Winner of the previous Run can Cast
    Secret Incantations!

    Code Effect
    Cast MaxGas – Gas Items now give 4X Turbo.
    Cast MaxEat – Food Items now give 4X Stamina .
    Cast MaxPup – All Powerups in every Crate.
    Cast MaxGun – All Bullets now do double damage.
    Cast MaxTnt – All TNT now does double damage.
    Cast No Bounty – Disables All Bounties.

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