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    Area51 (2005)

    Cheat Codes:
    Submitted by: Haspa

    Spooky Hidden Rooms:
    After you have ride through the airfield, and you have got the ladder that
    hangs out of the chopper, look with attention to the paintings that hang at
    the wall. When you shoot the paintings and all the officedoors, you will
    arrive in a strange room.

    The End:
    Good End – Shoot all the panels of the mothership.
    Bad End – If you let the mothership escape.

    If you start the game, only shoot the first three STAAR team members. If you do
    this right, you will have an infrared sight.

    Secret Rooms:
    Level 2: Shoot all the highest windows in the far wall in the hangar. When you are
    in the truck, shoot all yellow barrels, and you will discover another
    secret room.
    Level 4: When you are driving on the STAAR jeep, shoot every yellow box.
    Level 5: Shoot the sign which shows the words General Weatherby on the second door
    right away when this door opens.
    Level 7: Shoot all yellow barrels in the first area where the four purple zombies
    are throwing barrels.

    Arcade cabinet:
    In the earlier stages of the game, there are a few cabinets of the original Area 51
    arcade game, complete with red and blue light-guns.

    Defeating Grays:
    To defeat Grays that use shields, mutate and fire parasites at them. It will bring down
    the shields faster than any other weapon in the game.

    Defeating the Super Beast:
    When fighting the Super Beast, rather than running straight at him, run around in a
    circle. When he gets near an explosive barrel, shoot it. It does more damage then the
    BBG. Watch out for his plasma shooting arm as well. When you finish, Edgar will talk
    to you, and you get to see him.

    Unlock Harder difficulty:
    Successfully complete campaign mode under the Medium difficulty setting.

    Secret tapes:
    Find and scan all five databank items in a level to unlock the secret for that level.
    The final secret of the game is unlocked when all prior secrets have been found.

    Hard difficulty:
    Successfully complete campaign mode under the medium difficulty setting.

    Masons and the Illuminati:
    Shortly after meeting Dr. Cray, you will reach an infirmary where you will find clones
    of Mr. White walking around, mumbling, and rambling on. On the back of their lab coats
    you will find a Masonic lodge (a symbol of the Free Masons) suggesting a connection
    between the Masons and Illuminati.

    Interesting scans:
    During the training levels, scan everyone that you can. You will find some interesting
    equipment of the MPs, including adult diapers and condoms.

    Hold [Down] until your scanner stops moving and you appear to be looking at your feet.
    You can now scan yourself and see information about Cole.

    Moon Landing Conspiracy:
    When you reach Lies of the Past: Checkpoint 4, you will ascend in an elevator. Exiting
    the elevator, you will see a replica of the Moon’s surface, a model of the U.S. space suit,
    and a shuttle the United States used to reach the Moon. This is in reference to the Moon
    Landing Conspiracy, claiming that the U.S. never actually reached the Moon, and faked the
    landing to beat the Russians in the space race. The conspiracy was heavily debated, but
    ultimately rejected by the majority of opinions. Today, only a few people still claim the
    Moon landing was a hoax.

    Gray Alien in multi-player mode:
    Alternately, successfully complete the game under the easy difficulty setting. Then, go to
    the last level and complete it under the medium difficulty setting. You will then have the
    choice to play under the hard difficulty setting. Choose to play the last level under the
    hard difficulty setting and complete it.

    Defeating the Super Theta:
    Defeating Super Theta uses generally the same strategy as defeating Theta except for a few
    things. It is recommended that you ;eave at least one shot in your Meson Cannon for him
    because of how much damage the weapon will do. Do not worry too much if you miss, because
    he is still very easy. After you shoot him with the cannon, transform into mutant form and
    attack him with melee if your health is full or with the parasites if it is not. After a
    few hits he will get angry then leap up onto one of the four cryo-chambers and break it
    open, releasing the alien amoebas. These things must be meleed because the parasites will
    not trace them. Wasting the contagion on them will only drain your energy. They are not too
    difficult to hit in mutant form, because the mutant vision slows them down. Also, do not
    stand underneath the chamber that the Super Theta is breaking open. Afterwards he will drop
    almost directly underneath and will deal either fatal or nearly fatal damage when he hits
    the ground if you are there. However, after he does land, move in close and melee him for
    a few hits. The amoebas will not drop down immediately. After you kill the amoebas, return
    to shooting parasites and using melee against the monster. When he jumps off of the second
    chamber, fire your contagion at him and melee the amoebas that appear to refill your
    mutagen. This is done after the second one because of the sheer numbers of Black Ops that
    you fight before him may have severely drained your health. You may want to use the
    parasites to refill it. If this is not the case, feel free to use the contagion after he
    breaks the first chamber. After you use the contagion, repeat the process of melee and
    parasites until the monster dies. At the absolute longest, the fight should take about
    ten minutes.

    Defeating the Theta:
    To defeat the Theta easily, first make sure that you have a fully charged Mutagen bar and
    at least three quarters of your health remaining. There are health power-ups lying around
    where you fight it. Then, enter the room where he is as a mutant and either fire parasites
    or melee the Leapers that come after you. Using parasites on the first few to restore your
    health then attacking the rest with melee works well to keep your mutagen full and also
    leaves the health power-ups available if needed. Try not to hit the explosive barrels as
    they will almost certainly kill you instantly. Theta will appear after about four Leaper
    waves and leap at you. To defeat him easily, fire a few parasites at him then move in close
    to melee him. Though he is both fast and strong, in your mutant form it is very easy to hit
    him and dodge his attacks because of how the mutant vision slows him down. The only attack
    should worry about is his jump attack that still deals almost fatal damage, even with the
    damage reduction of mutant form. If you repeat this process (attacking the Leapers with
    melee or the parasites when they appear) you will defeat him fairly quickly and still
    have plenty of health and mutagen remaining for the next level.

    Defeating the Super Beast:
    When you are attacked by the Super Beast, morph into the alien. Shoot parasites and melee
    him until he calls the first wave of aliens. Use the BBG to kill these aliens (alternately
    stay in the alien form), but watch out for the Super Beast. If your health gets too low,
    switch to human and wait until it is safe to return to alien form. Using alien mode is
    safer because every time you attack the beast your health will refill.

    Dreamland: Dummies face:
    In Dreamland, look at the hanging dummy. A picture of the general will be on its face.

    Dreamland: Supply room:
    On your way to pick up your scanner in Dreamland, there will be a small room with ammunition
    inside. If you run out, just shoot the locks on the crates. There will be more inside them.

    The Last Exit: Adult diapers:
    When you begin The Last Exit, scan a dead Illuminati. In the category Accessories, it
    will read Adult Diapers.

    Free soda:
    Each time you hit a soda machine, sodas with fall out.

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