Arkanoid 2 – Revenge of Doh

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Arkanoid 2 – Revenge of Doh

Submitted by: Enigma Question

After losing a life, in the title screen press Caps
Lock and type DALEY-88

If you type MAGENTA while you press Caps Lock, you
will be able to pass the level by pressing S during the

– Press the right mousebutton during the loading:
You can see the promo of ROBOCOP(??!!!).

– Type ROBOCOPPER or ROBOCOPPETER in the main title screen for
continue game mode.

– Play a game and at the hiscore screen type
DEBBIE S for unlimited lives.
MAGENTA for unlimited lives.
P BRAIN then press [Space]

– If this is not enough for you (or doesn’t work) then try
the patch we included !

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