Armada Tanks

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Armada Tanks

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Not just for breakfast any more – each one you pick up also gives you
points at the end of the level to buy cool new stuff, so don’t let a
single one go to waste – even if you don’t really need it at the moment!

Submitted by: pipe

Enter tery and you will have 10.000 money.

Indestructible Base Wall:
Submitted by: Bradley J.

When a shovel drops pick it up. You will see a time meter for it. Go back
to the main menu then continue that same level. The timer will be gone and
you will have indestructible walls for the rest of the level.

NOTE: Nukers (go over the wall) and Zappers (break wall) can get through wall.

Infinite power up time:
Submitted by: Bradley J.

Like the last cheat get the power up with a timer quit the level and continue.
Note: only one power up.

Kody do gier

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