Armed and Dangerous

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Armed and Dangerous

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Som
Submitted by: adel hassan

[cheats] Start game as usual, go to the Cheat Menu in
the Options menu and enter the following codes:

Code Result
WAAAAAAH – Topsy Turvy
AMATINEE – Access All Movies
MISSIONS – Access All Missions
EATGRENZ – Big Hands
VERYHIIQ – Big Heads
AMBULNCE – Full Health
SHOOTMOR – Full Ammo
DAJIGSUP – List of Cheats
SHIELDME – Unlimited Shield
NDMRBLTS – Unlimited Ammo
SHOESIZE – Big Boots

Refill Health Bar:
At the code entry screen, enter the following code:
X, R, A, Y, BLACK, B, A, R.

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