Armies Of Armageddon – Wargamers Development Kit Volume 1

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Armies Of Armageddon – Wargamers Development Kit Volume 1

Submitted by: RM

Comstrucks are not always the best machine to lead your troops. The
enemy will focus fire on the nearest threat. Comstrucks will eventually
be destroyed with massed enemy fire, leaving you without their heavy
support. A better formation would be to lead with a screen of infantry
follow closely behind with Comstrucks.

Field of fire:
Overlap your troops’ field of fire and make sure that they can
support each other. When the point man discovers the enemy, the
rest of your force should be in a position to engage them.

Grenade launchers:
Keep grenade launchers in the rear of your formation. By doing this
you can fire over your troop’s heads and other obstacles.

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