• Armies of Armageddon – WDK 2K

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    Armies of Armageddon – WDK 2K

    Overlap your troops’ field of fire. Ensure that they can
    support each other. When the point man discovers the bad
    guys, it’s important that the rest of your force is in
    position to engage them.

    Armies of Armageddon includes a chest full of weapons;
    use each wisely. For example, keep the grenade launchers
    in the rear of your formation. Doing so allows them to
    fire over your troop’s heads and intervening obstacles
    a trait unique to the launchers.

    The mechlike Comstrucks are awesome weapons, but not
    always the best machine to lead your troops. The enemy
    tends to focus its fire on the nearest threat.
    Although Comstrucks can absorb more damage than infantry,
    they will soon succumb to massed enemy fire, and you’ll
    be left without the heavy support that they provide.
    It’s best to lead with a screen of infantry and follow
    closely behind with the Comstrucks.

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