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    Armies Of Exigo

    Turning Autocast on:
    Right click on the spell icon in the character’s ability menu
    (build menu). Note: This only works for spells or abilities
    which support Autocast.

    Destroy heavy artillery:
    On the 3rd campaign go to the underground entrance go down till
    you reach a left take it you will find spiders guarding miners
    destroy the spiders and the miners will build a mine to get to
    the trebuchet destroy it!

    Cheat Codes:
    Code Effect
    god – never loss health.
    kill – kill by one hit.
    i see dead people – show all the map.
    warpten – speed construction of building and units
    sharp and shiny – up grades weapons.
    level increase – level up.
    greed good – unlimited gold,un limited wood,un limited crystal.
    unit – unit amount zero , unit limit 200.

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