Armored Fist 2

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Armored Fist 2

Cheat Codes:
These cheats will not function in Multiplayer games. All steps
to enable Cheats must be performed after a mission has begun.

To enable press and hold Ctrl and F12 key simultaneously,
repeat step to disable…(Overview shows big map of battlefield)

To enable press and hold Alt key, Shift key then R key
simultaneously…(Reload loads maximum amount of ammunition)

To enable press and hold Alt key, Shift key, then press
D key simultaneously…(Repair lets you repair all damage)

To enable press and hold Alt key, Shift key, then press I
key simultaneously… (Indestructible makes your tank indestructible,
each tank must be enabled separately)

All Weapons, Unlimited Fuel and Health:
During the game, push [Backspace] and type KYLE.

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