Armored Fist 3

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Armored Fist 3

Tanks Hint:
Submitted by: s.orangzeb

When your tank damages and you can’t move forward or backward press
the tab key and from the list select a tank which has the message
no damage.

Easy kills:
Submitted by: s.orangzeb

While playing press the f5 key for Tc station view and now you can
click with mouse on target lock key, your target will be locked and
then immediately press the fire key if the enemy tank tries to turns
the smoke on then the message (lost target) will be narrated if that
happens immediately press the f4 key and then press the fire key.

Smoke Hints:
Hint 1:
Turn on your tank’s smoke generator whenever it nears an enemy formation.
The smoke generator will help mask the tank’s location and make it much
harder for the enemy’s targeting computer to lock on to your vehicle.

Hint 2:
When searching for and engaging enemy tanks, try to assume a hull-down
position behind the crest of a hill. This will hide the lower portion
of your vehicle, and minimize the risk of drawing enemy fire.

submitted by RickHH.

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