Army Men 3 – Word War

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Army Men 3 – Word War

Cheat Codes:
Enable the cheat codes with: !throw me a frickin bone here.

Then use one of these:

Result Code
Mission skip – !cut to the chase
Debug mode – !rate me
Mission failed – !the meek
Disable AI – !oh behave
Enable AI – !mojo
Unit receives three bombing airstrikes – !heavenly glory
Unit receives three napalm airstrikes – !this one goes to eleven
Unit receives three recons – !peep show
Unit receives nine blue disguises – !i woke up this morning
Unit receives nine gray disguises – !incognito
Unit receives flak jacket – !whistle and flute
Unit receives unlimited ammo sniper rifle – !yippee!!!
Unit receives unlimited air attack – !roody-pooh
Unit receives unlimited plastic mending kit – !florence
Faster soldiers – !pump me up
Kill selected units – !time for bed
Random item/effect – !mona lisa
Remove disguises – !let me down
Unit receives three paratroopers – !johnny ricco
Unit receives nine tan disguises – !no sunblock
Unlimited bazooka – !i like to keep this handy
Unlimited flamethrower – !patty melt
Unlimited grenades – !you want some
Vulcan machine gun – !hello neo
Minesweeper – !i got two words for ya…
30 mines – !sprinkles
Unit on fire – !disco inferno
Extinguishes fire – !disco is dead
Large explosion – !italian job
Teleport unit to pointer location – !door
Faster soldiers – !pump me up
Display programmer message – !when all else fails…
Display programmer message – !vic fontaine
Invincibility for all units – !captain scarlet
Invincibility disabled – !only human
Small gun (use unknown) in item box – !here’s a lockpick…
Small gun (use unknown) in item box – !penny
Unknown – !full monty
Unknown – !game over
Unknown – !mib
Unknown – !scotty
Unknown – !hey stifler
Unknown – !one time…
Unknown – !spiny norman
Unknown – !stay frosty
Unknown – !henry
Unknown – !harsh language
Unknown – !halloween

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