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    Arsenal – The Romanov Files

    Level Hints:
    Submitted by: David K.

    lvl 1-kill everyone
    lvl 2-shoot the guy on the almsot centre on left hand side with the yellow tie
    lvl 3-kill everyone
    lvl 4-wait till u see 2 guys walk across the bottom of ur screen just after the
    middle the guy will walk out into veiw from behind the second guy
    lvl 5-kill everyone
    lvl 6-shoot both of the wheels on the right then shoot him, he walks slowly so he
    should be easy to kill
    lvl 7-kill everyone
    lvl 8-shoot the electric box and everyone will come out, DO NOT SHOOT THE WHITE TIES,
    wait for the guy with the yellow tie to come out, he will start walking 2 the right,
    finish him
    lvl 9-this is harder, the virus makes an extra 10% of your bullets miss and switches the
    screen round, theres no upgrades, this is it, survive or die
    lvl 10-u have infinite chances at this so dont worry if you miss when the arrows come up
    press this combination: right, up, left, down you must press left very quickly or it will
    not work gratz u beat the game!

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