Asghan – The Dragon Slayer

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Asghan – The Dragon Slayer

By using the mouse you can get a better aim. Try
to use the explosive and spray arrows to take out
distant enemies. Also you can swing a cliff by space
+ down, keeping space + left or right. I only haven’t
been able to use the cauldron to brew a potion.

Health can be hex searched by
xx 00 2C 01 and arrows by 02 00 02 00 xx.

Memory addresses (add 143000):B1C
– Green health bar (100)B20
– Gold (50)B22
– Life potions (5)5BA
– Apples (5)5C8
– Bottles of rum (5)794
– Normal arrows (50)796
– Magic arrows (50)798
– Multiple arrows (50)79A
– Explosive arrows (50)79C
– Spiked balls (50)

Save game addresses (add 2100):1028
– Health102C
– GoldAB8
– Life potionsAC6
– ApplesAD4
– bottles of rumCA0
– Normal arrowsCA2
– Magic arrowsCA4
– Multiple arrowsCA6
– explosive arrowsCAE
– Spiked balls

Defeating distant enemies:
Use the explosive and spray arrows to take out distant enemies.

Swing cliffs:
You can swing a cliff by pressing [Space] + [Down], then while [Space]
is still held, press [Left] or [Right].

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