Asphalt 8: Airborne

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Cheat Codes:

* Initiate a drift by tapping the left side of the screen, then control the
degree of the turn by tiling your devic Once you do this, level out, and
after a few seconds, your drift will sto It’s best to keep this handy for
more than one turn, as you’ll go right back into the drif The more you drift,
the more boost you ear

* Ramps and barrel roll ramps are available, and the more air you get, the
more boost you’ll receiv Hit the boost button a second before you launch
off the ram You’ll speed up, and the game will automatically store leftover
boost power until you land, with additional power included; you’ll always
land on your tire

* It’s a matter of hitting your boost at the right time and ramming the
opposition; one hit and they’re don What’s more, you’ll earn additional
boost, which is useful for getting multiple takedowns in successio

* Save some boost power towards the end of the rac Computer-controlled
drivers have a habit of blowing past you right before the finish lin
With boost, you’ll be able to maintain the lea

Nitro boosts your spee Try to it whenever possible and save it until you
can use it to its full potential, as in straight-away If you have a nitro
at the end of the race, use it then to maintain or get the lea

Drift around corners to avoid slowing down too muc

Air time:
Do barrel rolls and get as much air time as possibl You can increase your
time in the air by using the nitro just before getting on a platfor

Save money to purchase upgrade Get the Handling upgrade first to increase
contro Then purchase the Top Speed is a must, followed by Nitro and Acceleratio

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