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Assassin’s Creed 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Easter Egg: Super Mario Bros. Reference:
At the beginning Sequence 3, the character Mario exclaims Itsa me, Mario! A
clear reference to the 52nd Governor of New York, Mario Cuomo. Or Super Mario.
Your call!

The following items can be unlocked by performing the actions below:

* Climb Leap Ability – Complete Rosa’s mission Monkey See, Monkey Do in Sequence
7 to earn the climb leap ability. With this ability, you can make longer jumps
while climbing, letting you grab hand holds that’d normally be out of reach.

* Disarm Combat Technique – Complete Mario’s Evasive Maneuvers mission in Sequence
5 to unlock the disarm technique. Disarms let you counter incoming attacks from
weapons that are normally too heavy to counter (like axes).

The following items can be unlocked by performing the actions below:

* Condottiero War Hammer – Collect 50 hidden feathers and the Condottiero War
Hammer will become available in the blacksmith’s shop in the Villa Monteriggioni.

* Auditore Cape – Collect 100 hidden feathers and then talk to Mario in the Villa
Monteriggioni. He’ll award you the Auditore Cape.

Free Medicines and Throwing Knives:
If you’ve got room in your inventory for more medicines or throwing knives, loot
dead bodies and you’ll occasionally find these items for free.

Spear & Axe Reclamation:
* When countering enemies with the axe or spear, Ezio will lose the weapon as it
will be impaled or buried in the target.
* You can easily reclaim the weapon by picking up the corpse and dropping it. The
weapon embedded in the dead body will pop back out for re-use.

From the Deep:
In Santa Maria Delle Visitazione, in the Assassin’s Tomb, you’ll come across a large
flooded room just before one of the Armor of Altair seals. Pull the lever and peer
into the water. Wait a minute or so and you’ll see a shadow below. Pull the lever
again and peer into the murky depths once more and a tentacle will reach out to grab
(and miss) Ezio.

Mario Quote:
When you are escorting Maria and Claudia to the villa, you will eventually be ambushed
by Pazzi and his men. You are rescued by your Uncle Mario, and when you first talk to
him he says Don’t you recognize me? Its-a me, Mario!

Broom Hammer:
If you come across a man who is sweeping the street, knock him over or throw him so he
drops his broom. you are able to then pick up the broom with B and use it as a weapon.
it’s attacks are that of a blunt weapon. you can also do this with farmer’s garden hoes.

Combat Tips:
-=Fighting Brutes=-
Brutes are the big armored soldiers armed with two handed weapons like axes/claymores.
Trying to reverse their moves will result in you getting hurt yourself if you have a
weapon drawn. But unarmed on the other hand you can take their weapons away from them
and kill them easily.

-=Fighting Seekers=-
Seekers are the soldiers with the spears. Their weakness is grapples; grab them, and
kill them to dispatch them quickly.

-=Fighting Big Groups=-
I found that when fighting a large group it is best to keep moving around so they don’t
surround you and attack from both sides at once. keep your guard up and wait for one of
them to attack and counter it. If there are Brutes or Seekers in the group it gets a bit
harder. Try to avoid them at first, if this is not possible you could try to take them
out with the moves mentioned above.

Usually they pose little threat but in some areas there are a lot of them scattered
around. If you find yourself in a fight and at the same time there are archers shooting
at you try to break off the fight and run to the archers, making them drop their bow
and come after you with a sword. Or you can try to position the soldiers in the archers
line of fire and make him do your dirty work.

Defeating Archers:
Usually Archers are a little threat and more of a nuisance, but in some areas there
are a lot of them scattered around. If you find yourself in a fight and at the same
time there are archers shooting at you, try to break off the fight and run to an archer.
This makes them drop their bow and draw their sword. The more fun approach is to position
the soldiers in the archer’s line of fire and have them do your dirty work and hurt the
solders attacking you.

Loyal steed:
The horses in the game can be very useful. Other than the obvious use for travel, they
can be ridden into a potential fight and dismounted. Lure your enemy to the rear of the
horse and it will kick them, doing good damage. They also will follow you after you
dismount them until you enter a city, making them easier to relocate.

Guards killing civilians:
Poison a few guards, then throw coins around them. People will run up to pick up the
coins, but the guards will hit them with their weapons. This works best with brutes.

Feather Rewards:
Collecting the feathers you find all across the game will get you the following items.
to get these items, you must place the feathers in the chest in Maria’s Room at the Villa.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Auditore Cape – Collect 100 feathers.
Condottiero War Hammer – Collect 50 feathers.

Fast travel:
You will start the game with only being able to go between cities or other locations
via a horse. This becomes difficult once more locations are unlocked and you have to
go back and forth between them frequently. You will be able to unlock and use fast
travel stations in the game. These also appear on the map to make finding them easy.
Using this option does have a cost of 100 Florins, but it is worth that amount to
transport to your destination instead of a long horse ride.

Subject 16’s Legacy:
Throughout the game there are a series of 20 symbols which Subject 16 had hacked and
put on the Abstergo Memory Core stolen by Lucy. They always will stay at the same
location throughout the game. It takes a lot of time to find all these symbols once
you can see them with Eagle Vision. You will then be put through a series of mini
games for each symbol. Subject 16 says that after you find all twenty symbols and
decipher them you will see and understand the truth. Note: The symbols are not all
on the ground level and are at random places.

Altair’s armor and sword:
Submitted by: Arju

Hi, I am Arju.Today I am going to tell you how to get Altair’s armor and sword.
Before we do so, turn in your one codex to Leonardo.
With all six seals,Go in the villa, enter the room on the right (architect room), use
the passage in the back of the room to get to the codex room (back right of the mansion),
go straight, through where there used to be a bookshelf, to a long corridor that leads
below the mansion, into a large room with 6 statues and the armor behind a grate in the
Go up to each of the statues and press Lshift (assuming you have all the seals).
Once you place the 6th, it should open the grate in the middle, giving you access to
Altair’s armor whitch has no damage.
When you get Altair’s armor, go to any blacksmith’s shop in villa.And there from the
sword menu you can now buy Altair’s sword.
If you face any difficulty to understand it then plz email me. Thanks everyone.

Easy way to find all Glyphs & The Truth video:
Submitted by: Noor-A-Alam

If you follow this simple technique you can find the all 20 Glyphs so easily. During
gameplay, when you come in a new place where traditional architecture like building,
palace, bridge etc are situated, you can see their database by pressing Tab button.
And the technique is right in here. If you see an Eye-like sign above the database,
then it means that a Glyph is hidden in that palace/building/place. Now search the
area and you can find the Glyph easily. The work will be easy if you keep a sharp eye
in every new database. Besides you can also see how many Glyphs & secret locations are
in a city to find out. To do this, pause the game and enter the Locations subfolder
under the Database folder from the menu. There you can see every database in each
city and you can also identify the Glyphs locations in each city by seeing the
Eye-sign icon above a database. So you can now easily find all the Glyphs throughout
the game.

The Truth video
When you find all 20 Glyphs, solve them all. Now pause the game and you can see
The Truth video about subject 16 from The Truth subfolder under the Database
folder.- Happy Gaming.

Smoke bombs:
When you unlock the smoke bombs, you can use them to kill guards quicker. Equip the
smoke bomb, then throw it. Once the guards are coughing, switch to your hidden blade
for quicker kills.

Blunt weapon broom:
When you knock into a person with a broom or mop, pick it up. When you enter combat
with it, the broom or mop will act as a mace, hammer, or other blunt weapon. It makes
it seem as though you are cleaning up the trash. Note: This can also be done with
farmer’s garden hoes.

Defeating groups of enemies:
* When fighting a large group it is best to keep moving about so they do not surround
you nd attack from more than one side at once. The trick to fighting the group then
is to keep your guard up and wait for one of them to attack and counter it. If there
are Brutes or Seekers in the group, it gets a bit tougher but the other tips listed
here will help. Try to avoid Brutes or Seekers at first and focus on the others.

* Use the following trick when you are in a situation where you will have to take on
multiple guards, attack with a group (thieves or mercenaries). While your friends
are attacking someone, come from behind with your hidden blade and make the kill.
Note: This also works with the final battle where many Ezios battle the final Boss,
though instead of your hidden blade (because it is never successful), you will need
to use your main weapon.

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