Asterix and Obelix

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Asterix and Obelix

Here are the passwords for getting further through the game.

To London(Act 3)dog: girl: wizard: asterix
To The Swiss Frontier(Act 5) asterix: obelix: dog: wizard
To The Mountains(Act 7) dog: chief: girl: wizard
To Piraeus(Act 9) girl: chief: obelix: dog
To Olympia(Act 11) girl: dog: chief: wizard
To The Desert(Act 13) dog: girl: wizard: chief
To The Desert Camp(Act 15) asterix: obelix: dog: chief
To The Pirate Ship(Act 17) girl: asterix: dog: obelix
To The Roman Camp(Act 19) girl: chief: dog: obelix

The last level is The Bull Fight(Act 20) and you have
to get through The Roman Camp to get to the Bullfight….

I think these passwords will also work in any other system of
the same game……(play station, etc..)

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