• Asteroids

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    All Weapons:
    For all power-ups type issallgood while playing.

    Original game:
    Type vector at the main menu.

    * Get used to the thrusters. A single tap can hurl you into a
    giant asteroid. Stay toward the center of the screen.

    * Fill up on power-ups often and use them to clear out entire

    * Use hyperspace only as a last resort, because you tend to
    reappear right in front of a giant rock.

    * When an enemy ship appears onscreen, hit the thrusters. Enemy
    pilots are very accurate, and a sitting target will be
    destroyed instantly.

    * Be wary of regenerating and breakaway asteroids. Try not to
    fire at these rocks at the last second.

    * Use the same strategies you employed in the original; they
    will still work in this update.

    Rain of fire:
    Press the back arrow to teleport. Keep pressing it and fire, so
    you can not get hit and there are energy blasts all over the
    field. Note: This does not work in classic mode.

    HARDCORE 1-UP Loop:
    Begin a new game with any ship with the HARDCORE as the diffiuclty.
    Destory the big astroid as well as the two medium ones, but not
    clearing level 1 in Zone 1. Now get killed, as soon as your ship
    explodes, press ESCAPE (do this before your life counter goes down).
    Now select RESTART ZONE. Your live counter will stay the same as
    before. Destory the big astroid again, now watch your life counter
    when you destory one of the medium ones, your life counter will go
    up by one. Get killed again (w/o your life counter going down). and
    RESTART the zone. You will 3 lives instead of the default of 2.
    Repeat this process 4 lives, and so forth.

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