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    Atlantis 2

    Cheat Codes:
    Submitted by: jens lohse

    Cheat mode:
    Search for the following sentence in the file ATLANTIS2.LOG
    on your hard disc drive: mandalas.

    You’ll find a section such as this:

    Solution Mandalas
    Mandala 1 : numero 4
    Mandala 2 : numero 6
    Mandala 3 : numero 5
    Mandala 4 : numero 1
    Mandala 5 : numero 3
    Mandala 6 : numero 2

    This is the solution for one of the final puzzles, in which
    you’re supposed to click the curtains in the order in which
    you placed the mandalas on the disc during the game. If you don’t
    remember this order, you’ll try forever figuring it out.

    Mandalas curtains puzzle solution:
    Load the atlantis2.log in the game directory into a text editor.
    Search for the text mandalas to find a section with the heading
    — Solution Mandalas —.
    The following lines will reveal the solution to the puzzle that
    requires the curtains to be selected in the order in which the
    mandalas were placed on the disc earlier in the game.

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