Atlantis Underwater Tycoon

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Atlantis Underwater Tycoon

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Unlimited money:
Use a text editor to edit the missions file in the game folder. Change the
[fund]10000 entry and increase the number as desired.

2 Atlantis Underwater Tycoon trainers:
Submitted by: Brad

A LOT of money for sandbox:
Submitted by: Brad M.

Go to the game diretory. Go to sandbox. There is a long list of all the maps.
Go to anyone of them (you can come back and do otherones). Find [FUNDS]in front
of it its going to show a number. Change that number to any number you’d like.
(Note: You have to save any edits and that goes with my other cheat submits).
(Another note: The cheats will only work if you start a new game).
When you open a new game with the map that you edited.
It should have a lot of money.

Make home base shoot:
Submitted by: Brad

First go to the game in its dirctroy. Second go to the notepad program named:
bulidings. Third, there is a long list of bulidings and at the top of the of the
list there is the home base and look for weapon and it says [NONE] change that
to p-nuke. There. When you play atlantis underwater Tycoon click on the home base
and there is a house with a arrow pointing in to it, click it and you can shoot
nukes (you can fire bullets from home base but you put in p-bullet, not p-nuke).

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