Avatar – Legends of the Arena

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Avatar – Legends of the Arena

Cheat Codes:
Update by: lester ballad
Update by: DJUZA7
Update by:IvyEl
Submitted by: RM

Character Unlocks:
When in the character screen, click the Secret Code button
then enter one of the cheats:

Code Result
seventh chakra – unlocks aang.
painted lady – unlocks katara.
metal bender – unlocks toph.
breath of fire – unlocks zuko.
western air temple – receive 500 gold.
boomerang – receive 500 gold.
mai – receive 500 gold.
metal bending – unlocks Toph.
painted lady – unlocks Katara.
Gondola – to unlock 500 gold.
Dragon – to unlock 500 gold.
aang – seventh air temple
lullaby – 10000000000 money

Money and Characters:
Submitted by: lilmont

aang :seventh chakra
katara :painted lady
zuko :breath of fire
toph :metal bending
mai :5oo gold
mother :500 gold
dragon :500 gold
dragon dance :500 gold
dance of the dragon:500 gold
june :500 gold
mom :500 gold
mouth :500 gold
gondola :500 gold
western air temple: 500 gold

and thats all i have for you bye :)

Kody do gier

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