Avernum 4

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Avernum 4

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Press {Alt} + {Shift} + D during game play to display the console
window. Then Enter the following codes.

Result Code
Reveals hidden NPCs on mini-map – showmeall
Hide hidden NPCs on mini-map – dontshowmeall
Fully buff party – leetbuffz
Gain experience points – iwanttobestronger
Restores party’s health – ouchouchouch
Restores party’s spell energy – imdrained
Returns to Fort Monastery – backtostart
Cure character that is frozen or has a mental effect – owmybrains
Areas forget your crimes, except for major ones – pleaselikeme
Spawns cake in the selected character’s inventory – giveasnack

Tips and Tricks:
Only steal any items if there is no one around in the shop to steel
it and sell iron to blacksmith at first city if your lvl 1.

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