Avernum 5

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Avernum 5

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

During the game, press Alt+Shift+D in your computer to bring up a text
box, then just type in the following codes:

Code Result
owmybrains – Cures any character that is frozen or suffering from.
a mental effect.
leetbuffz – Fully buffs your entire party.
iwanttobestronger – Gives you XP.
pleaselikeme – Makes all of the areas in the game forget your crimes. If
you were hated, you will not be liked.
ouchouchouch – Restores your party’s health.
imdrained – Restores your party’s spell energy.
backtostart – Returns you to Fort Monestary.
showmeall – Reveals hidden NPCs on your minimap.
giveasnack – Spawns a cake in the selected character’s inventory.
dontshowmeall – Disables the showmeall cheat.
ilovemoney – Gives you $500.
iampoor – 500 gold.
editor – Character editor.
owmybrains – Cure frozen or other mental statuses.
dontshowmeall – Hide all NPCs on map.
pleaselikeme – All areas forget your crimes, except for major crimes.
backtostart – Return to Fort Monestary.
giveasnack – Spawn cake in selected character’s inventory.

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